Seven Waves

A specially commissioned soundscape for art installation Seven Waves by Erland Brown and Dave Jackson. Seven movements, written for uilleann pipes and two fiddles, reflecting the sequence of events in the St. Magnus saga and strongly influenced by the writings of George Mackay Brown’s ’Tryst on Egilsay’ whose poems are beautifully provided in the detailed 28 page booklet accompanying the CD. Also available as Download

Track Listing

Movement 1 – Earl Hakon
Scáth an tSeabhaic – Shadow of the Hawk

Movement 2 – Helmsman
Descriptive piece (Sailing into Byzantium) followed by 3 reels – Muineál a’ Bhardail/ Maighdean Mhara an Mhullaigh Mhóir/ Dick Gossip’s Reel

Movement 3 – The Killers
Descriptive piece (Lifolf) followed by 2 Strathspeys – The Whinney Road/ The Evening Star

Movement 4 – The Death of Magnus
Marbhna Mhagnuis/ Aiséirí

Movement 5 – The Egilsay Priest
The Egilsay Priest/ The Dove

Movement 6 – The Men of Egilsay
The Men of Egilsay/ The Bothy/ From Skaill to Bergen

Paul Harrigan – Uilleann Pipes, Fiddle

Guest Musician – Roisin McGrory – Fiddle Tracks 2 & 7

Music From The White Stone

Having a traditional musician of great skill and awareness of music which has been handed down in a locality is an important cultural asset to any community. Having a family of them is an absolute blessing. This is the case with the Harrigans, Roisin, Damien and Paul. They are amongst the most gifted musicians of their generation and take great pride in the music of their native Inishowen and wider County Donegal. They have handsomely repaid their community and those musicians of the past, who kept the music alive, by their sensitive and studious research and passion for learning. Their playing is performed with a deep respect for the tradition. Even more so, they are exceptional educators in passing on the music through their tireless teaching efforts.

Paul is a multi-instrumentalist; at home holding flutes, the fiddle, mandolin and other stringed and percussion instruments. He is most commanding when playing uilleann pipes and accordion, which he does with rare sensitivity. This recording documents his gift for piping as well as his dedication to taking old tunes, now only rarely heard, and reclaiming them for uilleann pipes. These include melodies from Honoria Galwey’s Old Irish Croonauns (1910) containing rare tunes from Inishowen as collected in the second half of the 1800s as well as Cairdeas na bhFidléirí’s various collections of Donegal tunes. Many of these tunes will surprise the listener as they have not been part of the regularly performed canon of the Irish tradition in recent times. Through Paul Harrigan’s playing they are certain, however, to experience a new lease of life. Paul has also contributed to the Donegal repertoire by creating new tunes inspired by local history, people and the striking landscape of Inishowen. He is joined here by his wife Una Ní Bhriain, daughter Aobha, sister, Roisin McGrory and musical colleagues Tim Edey and Joleen McLaughlin.

Caoimhín Mac Aoidh, Béal Átha Seanaigh, Meitheamh, 2019.

Track Listing

1. Last Night’s Joy/ Charlie Doherty’s/ Úna Bháin Ní Chuinneagáin – Reels
2. Tarry Higho, The Grinder/ The Munster Lasses/ Baitheadh Broclais – Single Jigs
3. Rodney’s Glory/ The Coleraine Jig/ The Rambling Pitchfork – Set Dance & Jigs
4. Hoppin’ Biddy/ Letterkenny Frolics/ Johnnie Coll’s – Highland & Reels
5. Easter Snow/ Bealach na nDálach – Air & Slip Jig
6. Francie McHugh’s/ Mary Will You Do It Again?/ Pádraig Glacan’s – Strathspey & Reels
7. The Tinware Lass/ Tuaim na Farraige – Barndance & Descriptive Piece
8. Cnaipe Damhsa/ An Soilsiú/ John Doherty’s – Double Jigs
9. The Deserter/ Galwey’s ‘Gallopede’ – Air & Local Dance Melody
10. Eadar Feabhal is Súileach/ Please Give A Penny To The Poor Old Man – Hornpipes
11. Pigeon On The Gate/ Maighdean Mhára Mhullach Mór/ Ril na Glór – Reels
12. The Pratie Apples – Air
13. The Dark Haired Girl/ Muineál a’ Bhardail/ The Fairy Dance

Also available as Download