Micky Fearon , Guitar, Ceol na Coille, Summer School, Donegal, Traditional Music, Irish

Micky Fearon – Guitar

A talented and passionate young traditional singer and accompanist, hailing from County Armagh in the north of Ireland. He was born into a family with a deep appreciation for music, and grew up immersed in the rich musical culture of his community.

From a young age, Micky showed a natural talent for singing and playing music, and he began to develop his skills as a performer by participating in local sessions and festivals. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented ballad singer in the traditional music scene, known for his clear and powerful singing voice and his deft accompaniment on the guitar.

Micky is deeply committed to preserving and promoting the traditions of Irish folk music, and he is known for his careful attention to the details of traditional songs and tunes. He has a deep knowledge of the history and context of the music he performs, and his performances are imbued with a sense of respect and reverence for the rich cultural heritage of his country.

He has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals and venues across Ireland and the UK, and has collaborated with many of the most respected musicians in the field. He is widely regarded as a gifted ballad singer and accompanist within the northern traditional scene. Micky is currently preparing for the studio in hope to share his musical talents and ideas with likeminded people who are passionate about Irish music.




Ella McGrory, Piano, Fiddle, Inishowen, Culdaff, Donegal, Traditional Music, Ireland

Ella McGrory – Piano Accompaniment

Ella is a fiddle and piano player from Inishowen, Co. Donegal. Ella has recently graduated from Irish World Academy, University of Limerick with first class honours BA in Irish Music. Ella currently is performing with Trad group ‘3 on the Bund’ and has extensive experience in performance, playing across Ireland, the UK and Europe and in recent years has played at festivals such as Electric Picnic and performed and taught workshops at Festival Interceltique de Lorient. In 2021, Ella and her sister Deirdre released an EP titled ‘Loinnir’ which featured guest musicians such as Steve Cooney and Liam Bradley. In 2015, she won the All-Ireland Fleadh Ceoil in Piano Accompaniment. She has been the Volunteer Coordinator at Galway International Arts Festival for the past two years. Ella has previously taught music at the Acadamh Ceoil in Derry and Ceolan School of Music in Moville, Co. Donegal. She is currently working at The University Concert Hall, Limerick and has completed internships at The Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin and The Playhouse Theatre in Derry. Ella continues to have huge involvement in the Inishowen Traditional Music Project, helping with event hosting, teaching ensemble workshops, performing at various events and helping run the social media pages.